Direct Access

The DA (Direct Access) course.

Before booking your course, please read the important notes here.

Who needs to complete the DA course?:
You must undertake a Direct Access (DA) course when you renew your provisional license.
(Note that if you have held a full A1 licence for at least 12 months and wish to upgrade to an A licence, you do not need to undertake the DA course.) 

Renewing your provisional license in the same category.
If you are not changing categories, you must complete the DA within 30 days of the start date of your new license. Refer to section 4a on the plastic license card. You can continue to ride while waiting to complete your DA. If you do not complete your DA in 30 days, your provisional license will not be valid.

Renewing your provisional license in a different category.
If you are changing the license category, i.e., moving to a higher cc bike, you must complete a DA before riding a bike in the new license category. For instance, if you move from a P, 50cc to an A1, 125cc, you cannot legally ride the 125cc on the public highway.
Once you book your DA an instructor will arrange to meet you to take you out for the assessment ride.

What does the DA course involve?
Your instructor will arrange to meet you at a convenient time. If you upgrade the category, the instructor will meet you where the bike is located, as you cannot legally ride it on the public highway.
After he has checked that all the paperwork is in order, your bike is in roadworthy condition, and you are correctly dressed, he will conduct a road ride assessment. This will take one to two hours. During this time, you will be expected to demonstrate that you have good control of your motorcycle and can competently manage to ride in traffic, use different styles of road junctions, and obey the rules of the road.

Have you just got a new bike?                                                                                      Your instructor is there not only to assess you but also to offer help and advice. If you are riding a new bike, the instructor will consider this. If you have questions or concerns, then ask the instructor.

How much does it cost?
Fees for the courses can be found here:

Will any bike do?
For safety reasons and also because some motorbikes or scooters are not representative of their class and, therefore, are unsuitable for your assessment.  These bikes include (but are not limited to) Thumps and the original Honda Monkey Bike. If you have any doubts, please contact us.

Please note.
Occasionally, the road ride may be filmed from the instructor’s bike. This is for training and safety purposes only. If you have any objections, please tell your instructor.
Booking your DA course:

Things for you to arrange beforehand:
• Complete the booking form, noting the number of your previous license and its expiry date. You will find the booking form here.  Print out and keep a copy of the confirmation page that you will receive once your booking has been made.

• Apply early for your new driving license and ensure it is valid from your training date or earlier.

• Ensure that your motorcycle is working, roadworthy and legal. We suggest you have second-hand machines checked by a motorcycle dealer to ensure compliance.

Important note:
Your instructor will check your motorcycle before the course starts. If he is not satisfied that it is roadworthy and legal, he may decide not to let you continue; in this case, you will be required to re-book your course for another day. A re-booking fee may be charged in addition to the course fee. (See details of the fees here.) All motorcycles and scooters must have ‘L’ plates securely and correctly fitted.

Items that you must bring with you on the day:
• Provisional Driving Licence (Plastic and Paper counterpart) in the correct category for the motorcycle you will be using while training.

• Valid insurance certificate.

• A safety helmet in good condition, conforming to current regulations, and which is a proper fit for you. We do not recommend using a second-hand or used helmet.

Please refer to for clothing requirements, which are the same as for CBT.

Important note:
If your instructor feels you are inappropriately dressed and cannot fix the matter before your ride starts, he may decide not to let you continue. In that case, you must rebook your course for another day. A rebooking fee may be charged in addition to the course fee. (See details of the fees here.)

Special needs:

If you have Special Needs of any sort, please make this known when booking.

Good Luck, and enjoy the course!

Teaching safe and responsible riding in Guernsey