Please note new legislation is in effect that requires you to have completed the “Motorcycle Theory and Hazard Perception Test” before booking CBT; please refer to the following media release from the States of Guernsey
You can download the theory test suite for mobiles here:
Android Phones
Apple iOS Phone

The best motorcycle training in Guernsey.

We are celebrating our 45th anniversary in 2024 for providing motorcycle training in Guernsey; 
We are Guernsey’s primary authorised motorcycle training provider, offering CBT, Direct Access, Test Prep and bespoke training. All our instructors are assessed regularly and undertake RoSPA advanced training certification.
Whether you are riding a motorbike or scooter for the first time or are an experienced rider planning to upgrade your licence, we provide the top-quality training you will need.

Thought for the Month – Hydration.

Now summer has finally arrived, we can look forward to warm, sunny rides. We still need to wear protective clothing, which, unfortunately, can make us hotter when riding and when stuck in traffic. Make sure you carry water or other soft drinks with you. Stop and rehydrate frequently. 

Teaching safe and responsible riding in Guernsey