As Guernsey has gone into a second lockdown all training and assessments have been cancelled until further notice as follows:

CBT & 1-2-1
All CBT bookings will be rolled forward from when we are allowed to start training again.  Please do not contact us to ask when training will restart as we will be unable to answer that.
Once we have been given permission to restart by Government we will announce this here as well as on our Facebook page.
We will then contact you directly to advise of your new training date.
The CBT booking form is offline and will remain so until we are out of lockdown and existing bookings are re-allocated.

Direct Access
We have opened the Direct Access booking form however, please refer to the following information from DVL regarding direct access and license renewals:

Driver and Vehicle Licensing appreciates that some learner motorcyclists who have recently renewed their provisional motorcycle licence will be unable to complete a CBT Direct Access Course within one month of renewal as a result of the recent COVID-19 restrictions.  For those in that situation, it has been decided to grant an extension and agreed that the holder can continue to ride providing they complete their motorcycle training course within 2 months of CBT training recommencing when COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

 If a rider has not completed the Direct Access course by the stipulated period of 2 months (which will be periodically reviewed in light of changing circumstances) then they would be unable to ride and would be subject to the current restrictions around reapplying.

Please be advised that if someone’s licence does expire, they will no longer be able to drive legally.

Any motorists who need to renew their driving licence can email enquiries to Where possible, existing driving licence holders will be provided with access to renew online or, alternatively, may be issued with a short duration licence. Anyone who does not have internet access and has an urgent enquiry can telephone 223400.

P.S. Also, please note that we have a new phone system and the office phone number has changed and is now 223400. 

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